Vancouver tech and startup meetups

A dashboard designed to help you discover interesting tech and startup events and groups

What is this map about?

The map above is a visual representation of the startup-related events taking place in Vancouver in the next future. It is created by pulling data from the Meetup API and visualizing them using Tableau. Data are refreshed every Friday.

You can navigate the calendar using the dropdown menu on on the top right corner. Selecting a date, you can visualize all the events already planned for that week.

Each mark on the map indicates an event. The size of marks are proportional to the number of people who have already RSVPed.
Hovering a dot you can see what the event is about and who is organizing it.

I hope it might help you to find interesting events to attend.

Where are people going next week?

The treemap below shows the most RSVPed Meetup events in calendar over the next 7 days. The blocks are color-clustered by Meetup Group. Some of the events might not be visible in the map view above, as not all Meetup events are geocoded. To find an event of your interest, you can filter the view using the search box.

What’s trending right now? This week’s fastest growing groups

It’s easy to find Meetups where everybody’s going. With this visualization we want to emphasize all those groups that are growing fast but that are not necessarily popular. The growth-rate is calculated by measuring, for each group, memberships oscillations over the past two weeks. In the upper-right corner you can see the fastest growing large groups, while in the bottom left corner you can find the smaller, yet expanding, meetup groups.

Do you want to play with some data?

The Meetup Archiver, the technology underlying these visualizations, was developed at Simon Fraser University thanks to a SSHRC Institutional Grant Program.

Meetup Archiver is a free and open source project released under MIT License. If you want to tinker with some Meetup data, head to Github and build your own Meetup Archiver.

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