Labora @ Civic Tech YVR

Just a quick post to announce that I will be presenting Labora at Civic Tech YVR #14: Culture, the Digital Economy and Political Campaigning. Civic Tech YVR is an interesting group of socially oriented tech-folks in Vancouver

“interested in examining civic issues through the lens of design & technology. This looks like: regular meetups with speakers, open discussions, and sharing of projects that are making a difference in civic issues in Vancouver. What we’re building towards is a community that provides support for one another in projects that impact civic issues. We’ll provide the space in which people can reliably get together to do that.”

Which sounds like the perfect occasion to present some of my ideas. I really look forward to it. Stat, a Vancouver based company specialized in search analytics (recently acquired by Moz), is kindly hosting the event. A big thanks to them and to the Civic Tech YVR organizers!

Post-event update

Thanks to everyone who participated to the event last night. Here is my presentation deck:

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