Hustle harder? My ICA 2022 virtual presentation

After two virtual editions (2020 and 2021), the International Communication Association annual conference is back in a hybrid format. I admit that the idea of traveling to Paris to present my work was enticing. However, due to scheduling conflicts, I decided to opt for remote participation. Since all virtual presentations will not be available publicly and will be deleted from the conference platform at the end of the event, I decided to upload a copy of my video on Vimeo.

My presentation is taken from one chapter of my dissertation and discusses the role of informal workers’ gatherings in reforming the startup entrepreneurial culture. While writing the paper I submitted to ICA I came up with the concept of bootstrap worker, which I introduce in this presentation and that I am planning to develop in future works.

Image: Le Grande Arche de la Defense, Paris. Credits: Reji on Flickr.

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