Presenting Labora @ SFU Public Square

Next Monday I’ll be presenting this project at the SFU Public Swuare event dedicated to new forms of labour. See you on Monday, Feb.26th at SFU Segal Graduate School of Business. Here is a description of the event:

Research doesn’t just live in libraries and academic papers; it has a profound impact on our day to day lives. Work in the 21st Century: Innovations in Research is a dynamic evening that showcases the SFU researchers and entrepreneurs who are leading the way in making innovative impacts in the new world of work.

This event features a combination of interactive displays and rapid-fire presentations by faculty, staff, students and alumni from across SFU’s faculties, departments, programs and campuses. Enjoy light refreshments and a cash bar as you move throughout the space, interacting with researchers and hearing presentations. Learn how SFU’s remarkable research community is making the new world of work more productive, safe, equitable, and inclusive.

Snacks, refreshments, and a cash-bar will be provided! The event is free, but registration is required.

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