Reseach log

ai in the visual effects industry

AI in the VFX industry: my new research on the implications of artificial intelligence on creative labor

As I am about to wrap up my first monograph based on my Ph.D. dissertation, I am moving the first steps into my next research project. My plan for the next five years is to focus on the interplay between … Read More

Some shots from my research photo album

In this post, I decided to open my archive and publish some of the pictures I have taken throughout my journey into the Vancouver startup scene. The quality of my shots is…what it is. I am not a photographer and … Read More

On API and digital methods

Just a couple months ago I was celebrating the release of the Meetup Archiver on Github. A little piece of software sending requests to and retrieving data via their official APIs. A software that, I wish, could be useful … Read More

tableau meetup

Meetup Archiver: now available on GitHub

After months of work, I am very happy to announce that the Meetup Archiver is now public and available on GitHub. The Meetup Archiver is a sweet piece of software retrieving data from Meetup API and storing the results in … Read More

Research log #2 – Moving deeper into the field (and Dashboard v0.2 released)

The past three weeks have been filled with events and interviews. The more I move into the Vancouver startup ecosystem, the more I learn about the different organizations active in town. So far, I had the chance to immerse myself … Read More

Research log #1 – Dashboard live and Brainstation DemoDay

Hello everyone, and welcome to my first research update since the launch of the website. This week I’ve been working on setting up my Tableau Public account. Tableau is one of the leading data visualization software available, and I am … Read More

Research update: a presentation of next steps